Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mission Accomplished: MRAID 2.0 released for public comment

MRAID Version 2 extends the capabilities of MRAID Version 1 to give ad designers more control over expandable ads, and provides a new method, resize() that permits more subtle and interesting size changes in ad creatives as well.

In addition, MRAID v.2 provides a standard way to query a rich media SDK regarding certain device capabilities, offers consistent handling of video creative, and addresses two native device capabilities not well implemented by HTML5 at present: adding an entry to the device calendar and storing an image in the device photo roll.

With this MRAID release, the publishers and vendors who still implement the original ORMMA API will best update their API to become MRAID 2.0 compliant.  Between the progress made on the adoption of HTML5 standard APIs and the addition of APIs to MRAID, the ORMMA API is no longer necessary.

The initial goal that the ORMMA group set out to achieve, has been met.  However, there is no full test framework available for MRAID 2.0.  ORMMA will collaborate with volunteers to update the web tester and related ad sample code. 

You can find the latest MRAID 2.0 specification on the IAB MRAID page.