Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nexage Brings ORMMA Support to its Real-Time Bidding Ad Platform

This item is also posted on ReadWriteWeb.  Nexage also put out a press release for this announcement.
Mobile advertising company Nexage announced today that will support rich media ad units using the ORMMA standard. Nexage is adding ORMMA (open rich media mobile advertising) compliance to both iOS and Android software developer kits to deliver rich media ads across its revenue platform that includes a robust real-time bidding (RTB) service.
Nexage now supports both ORMMA and VAST (video ad serving template) rich media standards, which gives it a head up in the availability of ads that the platform can support. The Nexage ORMMA support will give developers and advertisers another major avenue to monetize mobile content outside of the major channels provided by Google and Apple.
"We are excited to offer ORMMA-based rich media, and thrilled to be the first provider of ORMMA-standards over both mediation and RTB," said Ernie Cormier, CEO and president of Nexage in a press release. "Nexage now supports both ORMMA and VAST standards which we believe are critical capabilities to further drive market liquidity, enabling buyers and sellers to benefit at scale."
Google supports both ORMMA and VAST and its AdMob vertical is the de facto leader in mobile advertising, especially for Android. AdMarvel started supporting ORMMA in July, though it is not a direct competitor with Nexage's RTB platform.
From an advertisers perspective, ORMMA is supported by a variety of rich media providers, including Celtra, EyeWonder, MediaMind, PointRoll and Crisp Media. Nexage and those that use it to monetize content now have a larger stable of ads to drive to mobile devices.
Earlier this month, Nexage announced it had hit the 8 billion impressions served per month plateau. With ORMMA support, that figure should start to increase dramatically.


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