Thursday, June 16, 2011

MMA Announces Support for ORMMA; Kicks off the Mobile Marketing Forum in NYC

It is a big week for the MMA.  The Mobile Marketing Forum kicks off in NYC today and the Mobile Marketing Association also announced support for ORMMA, the Open Rich Media Mobile Advertising initiative. By showing its support for ORMMA, the MMA extends the reach of open standards internationally and lends its weight to overcoming the fragmentation plaguing mobile advertisers.

Since ORMMA was founded in 2010 by Crisp Media and The Weather Channel; the initiative has grown to more than 20 member companies from across the mobile advertising ecosystem, including AdMarvel, Admeld, Celtra, Gannett, Goldspot Media, mOcean, Nexage, PointRoll, Ringleader Digital, Rhythm NewMedia and others.  ORMMA has been working with both the IAB and the MMA to push forward open standards for building, serving, and measuring rich media mobile ads.  Just as ORMMA contributed its ad creative API to the IAB to make it the basis of their MRAID standard, ORMMA will work with the MMA to contribute ideas and experience to help build an open and scalable mobile rich media landscape.  

The goal of ORMMA is to allow ad developers to create one campaign that can run across a universe of mobile applications and sites, without sacrificing a rich user experience.  Since its founding, ORMMA has developed a specification for an open API that unlocks all native capabilities for iOS and Android devices, allowing advertisers to create ads using HTML5 standards that can access all the native features of the device, such as location, shaking, and more. ORMMA is also developing capabilities that ORMMA-compliant developers can include in their advertising SDKs, including support for ad caching, polite loading, and increased privacy controls.  

Companies interested in joining ORMMA should visit the ORMMA blog, join the Discussion Group, or visit the Google Code Project.  Read the press release to learn more about MMA’s support of ORMMA.