Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Join Us for a Webinar: Building ORMMA Compliant Mobile Apps, SDKs, and Ads

Since the launch of ORMMA last fall, many vendors and publishers have joined the discussion group and gotten started creating ORMMA compliant apps and SDKs. We want to share these learnings to help others become ORMMA compliant and spread the adoption of open standards to serving mobile rich media advertising.

Please join us on Monday, January 31, 2011 from 1-2pm ET for a webinar featuring technology leads from Crisp Media, The Weather Channel, PointRoll, Jumptap, and TringApps to learn how to create ORMMA compliant mobile applications and SDKs, and design ORMMA compliant ads.

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The session will cover:
1:00 Welcome and ORMMA update
1:10 Demo of ORMMA web testing client (Nathan Carver, Crisp Media)
1:25 Discussion on developing the ORMMA SDK (Casey Dement and Robert Hedin, The Weather Chanel)
1:45 Code Group Panelists, Q&A
2:00 Call ends

Panelists for Q&A
Todd Pasternack, PointRoll
Neal Karasic, Jumptap
Nathan Carver, Crisp Media
Casey Dement, The Weather Chanel
Robert Hedin, The Weather Chanel
Tarun Gaur, TringApps

We hope you can join us! Don’t forget to register to reserve your spot at