Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yet another SDK? No.

Thankfully, the industry press did a great job diffusing information about ORMMA a couple of weeks ago. It has been very helpful in bringing developers from around the world in touch with us. But when I finally had a chance to review some of it recently, it may also have helped to create some confusion.

Is ORMMA yet another SDK that developers should include in their app? No.

ORMMA is first and foremost, an API specification, which existing SDK providers should try to adhere to, if they want to allow ad designers to build better ad units that can be served into multiple applications and onto different mobile devices. This API spec is currently "Creative Commons" and not owned by specific vendors.

There is a code project for ORMMA which is basically a smaller group of people implementing this API spec as an open source reference. This resulting SDK is licensed as "BSD" and can be freely used by commercial SDK vendor in their efforts to become ORMMA compliant.

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