Thursday, December 9, 2010

How do I participate in ORMMA?

There has been a ton of interest in ORMMA in the past week! has received a lot of inquiries. There are multiple levels in which to participate in the ORMMA (Open Rich Media Mobile Advertising) initiative:

1) Observers who would like to keep up to date with ORMMA and participate in discussions related to the business, user experience, ad design and analytics implications of implementing ORMMA please join the new open-registration ORMMA-discussion Google group:

2) Code users who are not ready to contribute code or specs can download the latest, BSD licensed, iOS and Android SDK reference code here:
For those providers who implement ORMMA compliance in their ad serving infrastructure or directly in publishers apps, we also encourage them to post to the ORMMA blog about their app launch/re-launch by submitting posts to

3) Code contributors should email to become provisioned with access credentials to the open source project.
You will be sent a link to verify your email address and be included as an ORMMA contributor on the open source code project. Please check with your company if you are able to represent your organization as an ORMMA member or if you are interested in participating as an independent contributor. There is a separate discussion group related to code check-ins and the technical impact of spec changes / feature requests.
Code contributors are encouraged to write up the nature of their contributions on Blog posts can be submitted for review to

Your participation is welcome, regardless the size of your organization or your geographic location. 


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